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Healthy Horse Seminar
Saturday Feb 9, 2019
by B W Furlong
Annandale, NJ 
web site 

2019 Horse World Expo PA
Feb 28 to March 3, 2019
 Deputy Mayor, Richard Wolfe (
Township Meeting Nov 29, 2018 link

LETTER from the AVTA
   Contact Trish Buckwalter with any comments regarding the Heliport and how often
you use the trails by the Golf Course.

East Amwell Meeting – Nov 8 on you tube: 

The discussion is from minute 27 
with public comment minute 42.

Central NJ Horse Trail Coalition Calendar
for more horsey related events click on: 

Bears have been spotted at the AirPark 

Here is what to do if you encounter one. website


Trail News

AVTA Membership
Your Renewal Membership forms
are in the mail. Please correct any
information and send them back
with your check or pay with PayPal.

Gun season continues until Feb 9th
As always, stay off the trails when they are muddy and wear your orange. 

Deer Bow Hunting

 Sept until Feb 16th, 2019
***7 days a week***
Gun Season to Feb 9th 
Monday thru Saturday.

Printable Flyer
Rules and Regulations 
When Riding or Hiking:

1. Always wear blaze orange.
2. Riders and Hikers may be on the trails
ONLY between 10 AM and 2 PM
3. The AirPark Trails are CLOSED on Saturdays from Nov 17th to Feb 16th.
4. Be aware, in areas that are posted semi wild, that hunters can be hunting small game on Sundays.

Hunters Helping the Hungry
See flyer regarding East Amwell's participation and how you can help.
Deer Management Hunters Info

AVTA 2018 Plan

You must renew your Membership before using the trails. If you encounter any
wet areas, Riders must turn back.
Please stay well to the edges of fields to protect crops. No jumping Landowner's jumps! If you are hiking with your dog,
it must be on a leash.
Please let us know if you find problem areas.  Board Members emails
Happy Trails!!

Signs and white chains have been put up by the shooting range at the AirPark. When you see these,
do NOT enter that area.

Trail Closings

The trail connecting Dragon Fly Farm
 (Upper Serendipity Farm) off Manners
 Road to Carter’s fields is still closed.


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updated 01/07/2019

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If you have any problems or suggestions click on this link and a joint email will be sent to our board members.

Tory - AVTA Member & web person
We have a new P O BOX 696 in
Ringoes 08551 for the AVTA mail.

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