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     Please review our rules and regulations
                  during hunting season.


Events & Rides

AVTA Hunter Pace
Sunday Oct 5, 2014
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Big Sky Farm, Ringoes
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To Volunteer contact:
Di Huns at 609-466-7473

Ride a team of your own or
Donate to an AVTA Team riding it.
here is Linda Fair Lennox's page:
Do your "bit" to help end Breast Cancer

Readington Trail Association
Fall Fun Day & Trail Ride
Sunday Oct 26, 2014
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NJQHA All Breed Charity Trail Ride
Sunday Oct 26, 2014
Allentown, NJ
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DVHA Shows
April 13 thru Oct 19, 2014
Sergeantsville, NJ 08557

Central New Jersey 
Horse Trail Coalition Calendar
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Amwell Valley Hounds
 Has started cubbing with the hounds.
Here is their fixture card so that
 you know where they will be riding.
AVH Hunter Pace
Sunday, Oct 13, 2014


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Trail News

*Deer Hunting Season 2014 - 2015*
Fall Bow - starts Saturday Sept 13
 to Dec 31 *Sundays too*
Youth Day Shotgun Nov 22nd
Gun Seasons– Nov 24 to Feb 14
except Sundays
***6 Day Firearms Season***
Dec 8th to Dec 13th -
Winter Bow Jan 1st to Feb 21st
*Sundays too*

Rules and Regulations When Riding or
 Hiking During Deer Hunting Season:
1. Always wear blaze orange.
2. Riders may ONLY be on the trails
 between 10 AM and 3 PM until Daylight
Savings Time ends, Nov 2 then
 10 AM to 2 PM.
3. Be aware, in areas that are posted
 semi wild, that hunters can hunt small
game on Sundays, also bow season
 includes Sundays.
4. The trails are closed during
Firearms week, Dec 8 - Dec 13.
Most dangerous days of the year.
Do not leave your own property.
5. The Airpark is open to riders and hikers week days and Sundays only
between 10 AM and 3 PM during Daylight
 Saving Time then until 2 PM after that.
*Airpark closes Saturdays to all from
 Dec 8 to Feb 14th*
Riders are prohibited from using any
 access to the Airpark from North Hill
Road from Dec 1st to Feb 14th.
(Sundays will be OK)
Stay on the defined trails and roads,
and please keep your voices down.
 Be aware that the hunters in the airpark
 may be using the rifle range, so avoid
this area. If you are riding on the upper
 airfield, and you should hear shooting
by the range take another trail and not
 ride behind the mound of the range.

Great weather for a trail ride !
Before you do, read this important
article on diseases carried by ticks.

 Let us know if you find downed trees
 or areas that need clean up. 
 As always the rifle range in the AirPark
 should be avoided at all times
 regardless of season.

Happy Trails !!!

Sept 13, 14, 16, 18, 19
We especially need a couple of chain
 saw workers along with as many
helping hands as we can get.
Call Trish

Open Space Proposal
 for November Ballot

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