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If you see any wild life acting strangely call 1-877-WARNDEP
WARNING: A Large Pack of Big Coyotes have been spotted by Manners and Van Lieus Roads. Loud sounds tends to scare them away. Be careful with smaller pets and remove any food sources to discourage them. 

Methods to scare off Coyotes


Trail News

The AVTA Trails are OPEN with the utmost respect of any wet areas.
Some low-lying locations, shaded areas and woods may not be dry.
 If you make deep hoof impressions …TURN BACK
If you meet anyone on the trail, please maintain the social distance of at least 6 ft. Ride in very small groups and by all means, respect TRAIL CLOSED signs.
The Creek Trail at Van Lieus & Back Brook Bridge is closed to Riders & Hikers. 
The trail along Roni DeCesare’s farm is still closed. It is starting to dry. If you plan on a ride there please contact Gail for the status.
We ride and hike on Private Property, Please respect our Landowner's generosity.
If you leave footprints in areas that could be sensitive to Landowners, 
Please let Gail Cahill know so we can fix it.
Any Landowners needing signs, please contact Gail
We are counting on common sense prevailing.

Happy Trails!


         The AVTA Trail Updates:
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08/02/20  Cavalier's Farm Off of Van Lieus

11/29/19 The Ridge Golf Course Entrance


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